18 Aug 2014

472kHz WSPR "uniques"

472kHz unique stations reporting me this summer so far on WSPR.
My "scores" have now gone up to 16 unique station WSPR reports given and 14 unique station WSPR reports received so far this summer. The latest was Richard G4KPX on both 472kHz WSPR RX and TX.  He is a local (14km) and I thought he'd already seen me on 472kHz, but this must have been on 10m. Richard uses an indoor 472kHz loop on both RX and TX and 1mW ERP. There are some decent ranges here on both TX and RX.  GM4SLV must have a nice low noise RX set-up as he misses very little.
472kHz unique stations copied on WSPR so far this summer.

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