14 Aug 2014

At last! A new spotter on 472kHz WSPR

At 1954z I returned to 472kHz WSPR and was immediately copied by G7NKS (46km) as my 11th unique reporter this summer. OK, not too far away, but a new station for this summer.

Storms permitting, I hope to be on 472kHz WSPR all night.

UPDATE NEXT DAY:  I was on 472kHz WSPR overnight.


Martin G7MRV said...

I might be able to strap the doublet feeders and try 472kHz just on Rx overnight, will take a look shortly at how tricky it is to rig the FRG-100 up.

Never tried that low before, but since im having a week of trying new modes and bands, we'll give it a whirl

Martin G7MRV said...

Wow! I didnt expect much, what with the lash up antenna, excessive noise level into the software, and some seriously odd bubbly QRM/QRN, but my results overnight were quite surprising! Caught you Roger between 03:34 - 06:02, very weak but certainly decodable around -29dB. Best DX of over 1,140km!

It should be possible for me to leave this set-up running (since it uses the PCs on-board sound where-as my other work uses a USB sound card) during the day whilst I do other stuff

Roger G3XBM said...

You have spotted some good DX. Well done and thank you for your spots of my weak signal.

Martin G7MRV said...

Might have to take a look amongst the junkbox and see if I can knock a rudimentary Tx up

Roger G3XBM said...

Good luck with the TX Martin. G3KEV (Yorks) is a CW regular and there is a CW net in the Biggleswade area at around 10am local time Sundays(G3XIZ and others).