13 Aug 2014

Back on 10m WSPR

After an overnight session on 472kHz - no new spots or spotters seen, just the usual ones - it was back to 10m this morning with 3 early Es spots by CT1JTQ (1843km). I am suspicious of the spots by PD0OHW (459km).   These may be tropo or even MS as there are lots of short, strong bursts on his frequency this morning. For Es, the skip would have to be very short and tropo/aircraft/MS might be more probable over this sort of range. I see I have just spotted him at 0924z.

Sunspot count today is 80 and 20-30MHz propagation "normal".  F2 has been reported in Portugal, but no evidence here as yet. Conditions on 10m are likely to be "interesting". Basically, it is anyone's guess. There is always the chance of F2 linking with  Es, in which case some real DX is possible.


Martin G7MRV said...

Ive been seeing odd signals from PD0OHW as well, none decodable here, but he was coming in as very sudden, sharp very strong signal, which would then trail off in under a minute.

Just seen another in the 10:14 slot which I think is PD0OHW a very sudden and strong burst lasting maybe 10-20 seconds in the middle of the slot.

It looks to me a bit like the MS signals I was playing with on 6m yesterday

Roger G3XBM said...

Martin, I think MS is the most likely propagation too. On 10m, the bursts will be longer than on 6m. Just a few will be long enough to decode.

Martin G7MRV said...

Its a shame I cant run 10m WSPR and 6m JT6M at the same time, to see if theres any observable correlation.

Im not getting any other signals at all today!

Its either that or he's got a fault!

Roger G3XBM said...


Es will be more productive on 10m than 6m. MS bursts will be longer on 10m than on 6m.