19 Aug 2014

Different 472kHz antenna

Since about 1838z I have been using the strapped feeders to my triband VHF/UHF vertical and halo as my 472kHz antenna.
472kHz WSPR unique spots (of me) so far this summer
Antenna is higher than the Par triband HF antenna with strapped feeder but the antenna current is about the same. If the effective height is a bit higher (it should be) then ERP should be higher too. Initial results suggest in some directions it is down on the earth-electrode antenna but I do seem to be getting more spots at each transmission than on the earth-electrode or Par antennas. G4VJF(151km) is a totally new reporter tonight bringing the number of spots of my 472kHz WSPR this summer up to 16 now.
UPDATE 2032z:   29 active stations on 472kHz this evening.

UPDATE 2044z:   Now 34 active stations on 472kHz.

UPDATE 2055z:   Currently getting about 4 spots per transmission on 472kHz.

UPDATE 2145z:   Now 38 active stations on 472kHz. Will leave 472kHz WSPR running through the night to see how latest (compromise) antenna performs.


David (G0LRD) said...

It's definitely down by 2-3 dB in my direction.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks David. Overall, I get better results on the latest antenna, which is the strapped feeders to the V2000 and 2m halo. G3WCB is definitely stronger on the earth-electrode antenna - I guess he is off the end of the "loop".

Martin G7MRV said...

Measured strength here no different, but empirically, your the only station i'm still spotting now (07:34)

I do seem to capture you earlier, and lose you later, with each further day.