15 Aug 2014

Now on 10m for the day

At 1018z I switched to 10m for the day. Even just before this GM4SLV(896km) was still spotting my QRPp signal several times in daylight on 472kHz. Nonetheless, evenings and overnight are more productive on 472kHz.

Sunspot count today is up at 108 and stable with 20-30MHz propagation "normal". We should see F2 DX today on 10m.

UPDATE 1047z:   So far no WSPR spots here on 10m. It is early still though.

UPDATE 1055z:  Spoke a moment too soon: EA5CYA (1376km) has just been spotted at 1048z on 10m Es.

UPDATE 1120z:   CT1JTQ (1843km) spotted me at 1118z on 10m Es.

UPDATE 1405z:  This lunchtime  I've received 10m Es WSPR spots (I run 2W ERP) from, Spain. Portugal and Germany. There is still plenty of Es about on 10m.

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