8 Aug 2014

Storms to (just) miss us today?

See http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime?lang=en .   For now, the local thunder and lightning appears to be just avoiding us: it has tracked from Cambridge up into the Fens and seems to be moving NE. This is good news.
UPDATE 1600z:  There are new storms to the south of Newmarket and we can hear thunder in the distance now.  At the moment these are moving NE as well but I shall disconnect rigs, antennas and PC if they get too close.

UPDATE 1606z:  Lightning now just east of Newmarket and getting closer! Decision on going QRT will be taken in next few minutes.

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Dave said...

Hi, Roger. I'm running 20W into a 20m long "Tee" antenna at 5m. Antenna current is about 1 amp. However, I'm using a 60 cm Tuned loop on receive, and not the main antenna.

73, Dave G3WCB