24 Aug 2014

Yaesu launch FT991 in Japan

Ever alert Steve G1KQH has spotted that Yaesu launched the new FT991 at the Tokyo Ham Fair in Japan as a replacement for the FT897D. See http://qrznow.com/yaesu-ft-991/ .

This looks a very neat, small, multi-band, multi-frequency rig, as long as the price is sensible. In Jaoan, they usually sell a QRP version too. It would be good to see a 20-30W version in Europe too. This would compete well with the (now stopped) IC703 rig by ICOM.
The image is linked from the http://qrznow.com/yaesu-ft-991/ site. The image is NOT resident on this site. Please follow the link for details of this rig. I have no further details.

There is no sign of a replacement for the FT817ND rig. I think Yaesu must have abandoned plans, which is a shame.

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Steve W said...

Yaesu seem to play the cards very close too their chest. Launching a replacement HF rig on average every six months lately, so there is hope for other budget end models?

After all if you told the enemy when you were coming it wouldn't be a surpise!

73 G1KQH