6 Sep 2014

10m and sunspots

Returned to 10m WSPR this morning around 1020z, but so far very quiet with just G0LRD and I exchanging WSPR spots.

Sunspot count is 124 (with blackouts) and the forecast for 20-30MHz is "fair". I'll be lucky to catch any F2 propagation on 10m today but Es remains a possibility around lunch and tea times.

UPDATE 1120z:  Still very quiet on 10m here.

UPDATE 1200z:   Such is Es - out of the blue pops OH5XO (1943km) three times so far. Nothing since, but 10m is still producing daily Es propagation.

UPDATE 1255z:   At 1214z GM4JWA (634km) was spotting my 2W at -24dB S/N on WSPR.

UPDATE 1430z:  SI9AM (1503km) in Northern Sweden copied at 1352z.

UPDATE 1620z:  Since SI9AM at 1352z it has been very quiet here. Even G0LRD seems to have gone QRT on 10m.

UPDATE 1850z: At 1842z OK3SAM (1283km) was coming in here weakly at -26dB S/N on 10m WSPR.   No F2 seen here all day

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David (G0LRD) said...

Hi Roger
I'm JT9/JT65-ing on 15m at the moment. A N-S path is open currently. I have to shutdown WSPR when operating (630m because I need the feeder for my HF doublet, 10m because the coupling back into my rig would be dangerously high). I try to keep this up to date:

David G0LRD