7 Sep 2014

10m Es and F2 - this evening

It was worth waiting for. Since 1834z OH5XO (1943km) has been spotted 4 times already. This is the second station on Es seen here today. I am glad I did not QSY to 472kHz too early.


Yet again, 10m Es is still with us.

UPDATE 1946z:  Now DK6UG (633km) has spotted me a couple of times. Es a May, June, July phenomenon?  No - with WSPR it is longer.

UPDATE 1958z:   CX2ABP (11127km) in Uruguay is now spotting me via F2. This was a long time coming, but come it did.

UPDATE 2130z:  No DX (Es and F2) for the last hour and a half. Is that it for the day?  Time to go QRT now.

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