7 Sep 2014

10m Es and F2 today

Es is still there today on 10m in the form of OE6PWD (1232km) spotted strongly (-13dB S/N) at 1238z. ZS1ANF was again being copied at 1240z, 1252z and 1300z. It appears I was using 500mW and not 2W on 10m this morning - wrong settings on FT817 - as I forgot to change from the FT817 settings used on 630m (472kHz) into the transverter on that band.

UPDATE 1342z:  The solar forecast has improved with 20-30MHz propagation now "good" (was fair). Is solar forecasting like weather? Hang up better seaweed or look out the window?

UPDATE 1347z:  There are currently 41 active 10m WSPR stations, but a total absence of stations in S.America at the moment. Great pity as that is where the N-S F2 will be next.
UPDATE 1550z:   There are now 44 active stations on 10m WSPR but still no South Americans on. V53ARC in Namibia (Africa) is the nearest active station. Such a pity. Not copied V53ARC here today though. ZS1ANF seems to be QRT now.

UPDATE 1835z:  No DX seen here since 1300z.  Thinking about QSYing to 472kHz but may wait another hour or so in case some 10m surprises appear. CX2ABP is monitoring 10m WSPR: if the band opens he may copy me. 38 active 10m WSPR stations listed currently - far too few.


Bob G3WKW said...

They must all be on JT65 instead! Check out pskreporter.

Roger G3XBM said...

I doubt it Bob. Last time I tried 10m JT65 it was MUCH quieter than WSPR.

Bob G3WKW said...

Well there were several Latin Americans on JT yesterday and I even worked a few of them. I have been monitoring 10m JT 65 today so you can see what I have seen on PSK reporter. I looked earlier an there were 37 listed on WSPR and 27 on JT65. But there are many on JT that do not report.

Bob G3WKW said...
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