4 Sep 2014

10m F2 good this afternoon

FR1GZ http://files.qrz.com/z/fr1gz/FR1GZsat.JPG
FR1GZ (9724km) has been copied several times this early afternoon on 10m WSPR by F2 propagation.  

4X1RF (3519km) has copied me 17 times so far on 10m WSPR today.

If there are South Americans active, I expect to see these later in the day. Long distance propagation seems better on 10m today than yesterday.

Currently there are just 22 active stations in the world on 10m WSPR. It is a real pity it isn't 4 or 5 times this number. I am sure openings are being missed due to the low WSPR activity.  Let us hope activity picks up soon on this special band.

UPDATE 1640z: Since FR1GZ earlier, it has been quiet on 10m with just M0EMM (192km) and local G0LRD (25km).

UPDATE 1645z: There is an absence of South Americans on 10m WSPR, but quite a few USA stations. I hope some South Americans come on soon, as I think 10m will be open in that direction soon.

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