14 Sep 2014

10m WSPR - brilliant start Sunday

4X1RF (3519km) has been spotting me since the early hours, At the last count 9 times already. Also spotting me be Es was LB9YE (1533km) in the middle of the night. I have spotted ZS1ANF (9720km), FR1GZ (9724km) and FR5ZX (9740km), the latter spotted 5 times already by 0928z,  all by F2 propagation.

Sunspot count today is 164 (more blackouts possible) and 20-30MHz propagation is "normal", although I have already seen very good F2 propagation. I have the feeling today will be another good 10m day.

UPDATE 1020z:   FR5ZX has been spotted 10 times on 10m WSPR so far this morning already at up to -13dB S/N.  FR1GZ has also been spotted several times. F2 over the equator is solid today.

UPDATE 1042z:  Lots of Es from Scandinavia this morning on 10m WSPR.  Date check?  Oh yes Sept 14th and the Es season has ended!

UPDATE 1215z: T5/T61AA (6960km) in Mogadishu, Somalia was spotted at 1114z this morning. This is the second day running Ross has been copied here on 10m WSPR. Es is also still around.  4X1RF has been spotting me all morning. I think this must be F2 as it seems far too consistent for multi-hop Es.

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