15 Sep 2014

10m WSPR - a good start today

4X1RF has spotted me 4 times already (still only 0722z) and DK0SC was spotting me during the very early hours. I assume DK was Es but 4X may be F2?

UPDATE 0935z: I have now been spotted 11 times already in Israel on 10m WSPR today between 0614 and now.

UPDATE 1015z: LB9YE (1533km) spotted by Es at 1002z. 4X1RF has now spotted me 12 times already today by multi-hop Es or F2, not sure which.

UPDATE 1123z:  Looking at the 13 spots of my 10m signal this morning monitored by 4X1RF there appears to be a slow QSB on the signal with peak levels separated by 90-120 minutes. I shall continue to look for this but there is a pattern. WSPR is ideal for seeing this sort of phenomenon.

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