20 Sep 2014

10m WSPR, sunspots and storms

Just turned on 10m WSPR about 12 minutes ago. Already being spotted by CT1JTQ (1843km) several times and I am spotting  IK1WVQ (1084km). I would have thought Portugal and N.Italy would have been much the same distance. Not so. Portugal is much further.  I assume this is Es?  G0LRD (25km) and I are exchanging WSPR spots at around -14 to -16dB S/N.

Sunspot count today is 91 and 20-30MHz propagation "normal". We should expect some F2 DX later.

The thunder storms are, currently, well south of here. I am still watching the lightning map though. Last night I went QRT but heard no storms overnight.

UPDATE 0942z: Now  EA5CYA is being spotted. Still plenty of EUs around on 10m either Es or F2 backscatter. A great pity I am spotting the same stations . Where is everyone else?

UPDATE 0954z: 4X1RF (3519km) has spotted me for the first time today.  I think this is F layer propagation.

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