12 Sep 2014

10m WSPR this morning and sunspots

I have been active for over an hour on 10m but so far no stations spotting me or being spotted. Things may liven up later.

Sunspot count today is 164 (with blackouts) and 20-30MHz propagation is "poor". Things seem very slow on 10m so far. 164 is a high sunspot number but conditions are disturbed. Let us hope things improve later and even that there is a little Es about. 

UPDATE 0935z:  FR1GZ, G4KPX and G0LRD have all been copied this morning, but spots were not uploaded to the WSPRnet database, sorry. WSPRX did not upload my spots - no idea why! I have now restarted the software.

UPDATE 0942z:  That's better! Since restarting WSPRX I see I am being spotted well by G4KPX and G0LRD.  Clearly WSPRX was NOT working for the first hour or so. My apologies. With FR1GZ being spotted we are seeing N-S F2 propagation.

UPDATE 1018z:   I am still unconvinced WSPRX is uploading my spots on RX.  As an example, EA7IHT was copied at -19dB S/N at 0940z yet this did not appear in the WSPRnet database.Neither did G4KPX. There is still Es about. I may download the V2 version (without scrolling waterfall and WSPR15) onto this Win 7 PC, which I swapped with my wife as she needed the 1TB memory for Picasa pics.

UPDATE 1032z:  My WSPRX upload issue was "finger trouble": I had left the reported band as 630m by mistake. Now corrected. I think this muddled thinking is a result of my stroke.

UPDATE 1214z:  FR1GZ (9724km) was copied at -22dB S/N. N-S F2 propagation. He was copied much earlier in the day too, but the spots failed to upload as mentioned above.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, I have both WSPR 2 amd WSPR-X on my computer. I've always the feeling that WSPR 2 decodes better and lesser errors sending data to internet. But it could be that it is a wrong observation. I know you don't do much WSPR at night but this night could be interesting because of aurora. I really don't know how it would affect the signals? I've heard aurora on 10m (11m) and even made aurora contacts on those bands early ninetees. Could be interesting? 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

Bas, I have worked stations via aurora on 10m CW and SSB in the past
- QRP too.

Up to now on this PC all issues with WSPRX seem to be my own fault, HI! WSPRX has a scrolling waterfall, which is useful, but I have now downloaded V2.12 as well, just in case I see any new issues with WSPRX.