17 Sep 2014

10m WSPR - USA again and Brazil

Yet again 10m WSPR has "come up trumps" with several spots of PT2WWV (8873km) in Brasilia by F2 and recently WG2Z (5600km) spotting my 2W. No other USA stations seen here, or seeing me, as yet.

The USA must surely be F2 or F2 backscatter rather than Es?  Interesting that propagation into the USA started coming through after Brazil. Almost like there had to be F2 over the equator for signals to get through, although, at the moment, it is just the one station copying me. I would have expected F2 or F2 backscatter to be far more widespread.

4X1RF and DK6UG are both still spotting me at just before 1800z.

UPDATE 1802z: I spoke too soon: KD6RF (7526km) near Dallas, Texas, running 5W, is now being spotted here at -20dB S/N at 1758z.  GM4WJA (624km) is spotting me now. If the Scots vote to leave the United Kingdom,  presumably they will have to have their own version of OFCOM and new callsigns. It will be interesting to see how Scotland votes.

UPDATE 1836z: Plenty of USA stations spotting me now e.g. WB8ELK/01 (6872km).  PT2WWV has been spotted 5 times already. He has spotted my 2W 2 times so far tonight.

UPDATE 2058z: All quiet on 10m (just locals) in nearly the last hour. Is that it for today? Clock checked and WSPR will be running overnight.

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