20 Sep 2014

10m WSPR - USA again

N2OTO (7088km) in EL96wi square (Miami, Florida) has already spotted me a couple of times. This definitely F2 propagation and not Es. Every day now, the 10m band opens to the USA.

I do hate FCC rules than do away with call USA areas. You now have no idea where a USA station is located: in the past "2" would have been somewhere in/near New York and "4" would probably be Florida or nearby.  Also the FCC seem unbelievably slow releasing the 472kHz  and 136kHz amateur bands in the USA.  Are you all stupid at the FCC?? Get into the real world. The world looks at the FCC and thinks it is daft. When the rest of the world seems "with it" the FCC seems to behave like a backward little baby, slow to grow up, still wanting baby toys to toss out of the pram. Pathetic, truly pathetic.

UPDATE 1223z:  PT2WWV (8873km) is spotting me now from Brasilia, Brazil. He was copying me again at 1315z.

UPDATE 1238z:  Plenty of European activity on WSPR. I assume this is probably Es, especially as lunch and teatimes are peak Es times. Stations from all across the continent.

UPDATE 1252z:   Now spotting ZS1ANF (9720km) weakly at -26dB S/N. This station is just north of Cape Town, which is a beautiful city. We spent a few weeks in South Africa on holiday a few years ago and very much enjoyed it. We experienced no violence, but this can be an issue. You are advised not to go out at night in some parts. We traveled with Saga and never once felt unsafe. I can recommend Saga Holidays. They really are very very good. Excellent hotels, food and travel. No worries and door to door service.

UPDATE 1315z:  My last 2 minute 10m WSPR TX transmission resulted in 10 different spots in 3 continents with my 2W to an indifferent antenna. 10m at its best.

UPDATE 1355z: PT2WWV (8873km) has spotted me 5 times today already.

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