22 Sep 2014

10m WSPR - USA wide open again

Each two minute 10m WSPR transmission, at 2W, this afternoon receives 4-8 spots every time and the vast majority of reports are from the USA. We are clearly experiencing very fine conditions. If you want to enjoy 10m at its best get on the band in the next few months and enjoy the very good conditions while you still can as in 12 months from now it will be much harder.

UPDATE 2100z:  This morning a couple of locals (G8AKL and G3ZAY) worked a ZD9 on Tristan da Cunha on 10m.  The DX appears to have ended on 10m WSPR for the day with just locals being copied now.

UPDATE 2145z:  Just spotted G6NHU (78km) as my best GDX today I think. He is using 200mW. Now going QRT here.


Steve W said...

Must get my 10m dipole erected soon!

73 G1KQH

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes Steve. I can recommend 10m at ANY time but it is very good this autumn so far.