22 Sep 2014

10m WSPRing again and sunspots

10m WSPR was resumed at 0844z this morning at the 2W level. Apart from locals, the best DX (as of 0916z) is RA6AAW (2780km) by what I assume is single hop F2 propagation. Spots have been exchanged both ways.

Sunspot count today is 72 (still falling) but 20-30MHz propagation is "normal".

UPDATE 1145z: RA3APW (2443km) running 100mW to an indoor antenna has been spotted a couple of times this morning on 10m WSPR, once at a strong -9dB S/N.   Karen uses an Ultimate 3 beacon into an indoor antenna. I suspect this is F2 propagation. Also OZ7IT has been spotted and I have been spotted in Finland by OH7AI (2000km) and also by UA3ARC (2436km).


Anonymous said...

Roger, thought you might be interested in a balloon flight down under that's using multimode HF, including WSPR 30m and 40m. Might be worth a QSY around 1600Z.



Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Gary. Will probably miss this.