18 Sep 2014

10m WSPR is "humming"

With 12 spots (already) of FR1GZ (9724km) in the log since before breakfast and he is spotting me too, and with KD6RF (7526km) in the log again 10m WSPR is again "doing the business". These are all F2 propagation I am sure. Nice to see transatlantics just about daily.

Overnight, M0EMM (193km) was a consistently spotted GDX station.

At 1210z  DU1MGA (10674km) in the Philippines was spotting my 2W at -25dB S/N.

This morning, an old colleague, Karen,from Sepura days, was spotted many times running 100mW to an indoor antenna on 10m WSPR: RA3APW (2443km) in Moscow. At best, he was -7dB S/N with just 100mW (measured carefully). Incredible.

Yet again, 10m is in good shape.

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