23 Sep 2014

472kHz WSPR

I had a very brief spell in the 50MHz UKAC contest this evening, but only worked one local. I was not helped by (a) my poor voice, and (b) using just a V2000 vertical. The latter is fine for Es DXing, but a beam is really needed to work weakish UK stations and I am not going to invest in a 50MHz beam: they are big and really for once a month just not worth the effort.
Initial results on 472kHz WSPR this evening
Instead, I headed down to 472kHz where my very first 5mW ERP transmission was rewarded with WSPR spots from PA0RDT (243km), G3XDV (61km) and M0LMH (223km). There are quite a few stations active on MF this evening, but very few on TX from the UK.

Best MF spot of others so far this evening is F5WK (436km) at -24dB S/N. G3WCB (101km) is the best G so far on 472kHz at -19dB S/N.

UPDATE 2128z:  DJ0ABR (983km) now best DX on receive so far this evening.

UPDATE 2157z:   I will be staying on 472kHz overnight.  Although it would be good to spot, and be spotted, by some totally new stations, I have my doubts. Just going to check PC clock is resync'ed to internet time.

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