4 Sep 2014

Back on 472kHz this evening

For the last hour or thereabouts I QSYed down to MF (472kHz). I have been trying my various compromise (strapped feeder) antennas and the earth-electrode antenna. Interestingly G0LRD was copying me only 1dB weaker on the earth-electrode antenna than the best of the "wire in the air" antennas. He is probably off the end of the "loop in the ground" (in the line of the wire,  as for a true loop). For a very short while I was reporting the wrong band as I accidentally clicked the wrong button in WSPRX.

Antenna current measures less on the PAR end-fed with strapped feeders yet this seems the most effective of these antennas. ERP is less than 5mW.

472kHz WSPR unique reports Sept 4th 2014 to 2028z
DH5RAE (995km) is my best DX spot so far this evening. I received him. On TX my best spot so far is from M0MLH (223km).

UPDATE 2100z:  Best spot of my 472kHz WSPR signal this evening is now from  PE1RKT (285km).

UPDATE 2140z: DK7FC continues to put out a huge WSPR signal on 472kHz. He was audible by ear at -3dB S/N a little while ago. He runs 1W ERP.

UPDATE 2200z:  Each TX transmission period gets me 4-5 reports,  which goes to show how effective less than 5mW ERP on 472kHz can be.

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