19 Sep 2014

Back on 472kHz

After messing about on 10m and 20m earlier, I have now QSYed down to 472kHz WSPR. So far M0MLH (223km) and G0LRD (25km) have spotted me and G3WCB (101km) spotted here. As before, I am seeing the same old stations.
Recent 472kHz WSPR spots
Using the PAR triband end-fed (strapped feeders) as a compromise MF antenna with very low ERP.

UPDATE 1812z:   DK7FC (669km) copied on 472kHz WSPR. Stefan is always a good signal with his 1W ERP station. This is considerably higher ERP than I use.

UPDATE 1850z:  F5WK (436km) copied at 1842z.

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