20 Sep 2014

More low cost parts (via G1KQH)

Once again, I have no knowledge of this supplier or if the goods are genuine, or "ripped off", but the prices are very good. My thanks to Steve G1KQH once again.
Other valuable finds which may prove useful to constructors or groups:
5V 100mA regulators per 100 ( I had some of these).
Mixed Zeners pack:
Precision Ref board (ideal for checking Cal of your DMM) could be used for stable VXO supply:
If you put the word “Transistor” in the search on Banggood quite a variety of well known general purpose come up at good prices..
Orders seem to take about 7 to 10 days to the UK

1 comment:

Steve W said...

All I will say, everything I have ordered so far have arrived!

73 G1KQH