18 Sep 2014

Neglecting 630m

With good conditions on 10m, I have been neglecting 472kHz (630m) of late. On MF I run, as you know, 5mW ERP only whereas on 10m this is 2W.

I may go back onto MF this evening as 10m is becoming almost predictable of late. I am told (by G3WKW) that there are far more 10m stations on JT65 than on WSPR. It is certainly true that one does see the same stations again and again on WSPR. At least with WSPR I can set it running and monitor results on the PC in the lounge. This cannot be done so easily with JT65 or JT9-1 where you really have to be "on-hand" to answer calls. With my stroke, I find WSPR suits me well right now.

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