16 Sep 2014

Not ham radio......

See http://qss2.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/spre-2m-anyone.html .

There is a house on the market (Landmark) in Salcombe, Devon, the seaside town where I was brought up as a child, that is likely to be sold to the highest bidder and the site redeveloped purely for greed and a quick profit.

The house was the home of author Paul Gallico and is in the "Arts and Crafts" style. It is a rare gem. Ideally, it should be a listed building. Locals are being priced out of their own town by those with "loads of money" but very little sense.  The lovely home is on the market for £1.95M - far too much for me!

Please, write to English Heritage to see if the building can be listed to stop redevelopment of the home and site.   Write to customers@english-heritage.org.uk .

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Steve W said...

Not in my price bracket, but I know where you are coming from. Land split has been going on even around Rugeley the last 20 yrs or so,folk having been coming up from the South splitting off garden space on lovely Pre war/50s homes. Some divided in to three or four plots for building, its all wrong! But that is capitalism greed out of control!