12 Sep 2014

Return to 472kHz

As 10m seemed to be getting quieter with just locals spotted in the last few hours, I decided to QSY down to 472kHz WSPR.  Even with an ERP below 5mW, my very first MF transmission resulted in spots from 4 stations, sadly all stations were ones who had spotted me before. I'll stay on 472kHz for this evening and maybe overnight.
Recent 472kHz WSPR spots
UPDATE 2020z:  Conditions below 10MHz are supposed to be "very poor". They seem reasonable to me on 472kHz.


LA4ANA said...

Good morning Roger,
Thanks for spotting me during the last couple of nights. Curiously, propagation on MF did not seem to be affected so much by the strong magnetic storm we are experiencing at the moment. I understand your frustration about only being spotted by a couple of stations, but at least you have some in your neighbourhood to test with! Conditions will improve later in the year. You might also try to improve your output by exchanging the IRF510 with a better MOSFET and running 24 Volts.
73, Robert LA4ANA

Anonymous said...

Last night's higher HF conditions were near blackout on HF in the UK With very few North American stations being received although southern Europe had better conditions. The earlier in the week solar flare caused all DX to disappear from the sunlight area on HF bands. WSPR showed the disappearance band by band in great clarity. What a great tool to show propagation world wide.

Alan G8LCO

Roger G3XBM said...

Robert, I was very pleased to spot you on 472kHz WSPR over the last couple of nights. You are my best DX copied this season so far.

Alan, thanks for your comments.