5 Sep 2014

Stroke update

Today I had an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) exam by camera of my vocal chords. Thankfully, like my MRI scan last month, the outcome was good.  My vocal chords are working fine and it is the communication between my brain and vocal chords that is not working correctly.  I can speak if I pronounce words carefully and slowly. With time, this should improve.

My other remaining symptoms are giddiness (when moving), sick feeling and extreme fatigue. I am still very clumsy, making amateur radio building and antenna work all but impossible at the moment. With time, all should improve. Recovery is taking a LONG time!


Steve W said...

Rome wasn't built in a day! Great news though..

73 G1KQH

Roger G3XBM said...

I have to be very patient Steve. At least I now have a decent chance of getting fit again sometime.

hamrad said...

I hope you continue to improve, Roger.