21 Sep 2014

Sunspots and 10m WSPR

Sunspot count today is 75 (falling a bit) and 20-30MHz propagation "normal". I went on 10m today and was immediately spotted in Finland.

Around lunchtime spots were exchanged with N2OTO (Florida) and this afternoon many USA stations have been spotted or were spotting me. I got excited (at first) to see KH6 in the log only to find out that the station was not in Hawaii, but near the Gulf of Mexico. Darn FCC!!!

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Todd Dugdale said...

It's not really the FCC's fault. People move from the areas where they first acquired their licence. You would need to apply for a vanity callsign if you move from, say, a "6" zone to a "2", and it's extremely unlikely that you would be able to get a callsign that's the same except for the zone number.

Of course, there are those that get vanity callsigns with no regard for the zone. But that's kind of the nature of vanity callsigns. You might want "KL0WN" or "WA1TER", even if you are in the "9" zone.