27 Sep 2014

Sunspots and 10m

Sunspot count today is 203 (high, but with blackouts), yet 20-30MHz conditions are only forecast to be "fair". It remains to be seen how 10m performs today, but already we have seen a wide geographical spread of Europeans on 10m WSPR,  presumably Es, but just possibly F2 backscatter.

Last night the last USA station spotted here was WG2Z (5600km) at 2222z, very late indeed.  SI9AM (1503km) was being spotted early this morning at 0512z here (before breakfast). I only noticed this station as I'd been running WSPR overnight, during which time only locals and GDX copied.

I have the feeling today will be a good 10m day.

UPDATE 1020z: FR1GZ (9724km) copied for the first time today at 1008z.

UPDATE 1342z:   Already PT2WWV (8873km) has been spotted 7 times this lunchtime on 10m WSPR.   He has also spotted my 2W a few times too.

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