24 Sep 2014

VK spotted on 10m WSPR today

VK3KCX (16883km) was spotted 4 times on 10m WSPR this afternoon. He was using high power (for WSPR) at 20W but his reports peaked at -19dB suggesting 5W or less would have been fine.

FR1GZ (9724km) has also been spotted 7 times today so far.  He also spotted my 2W at 1338z.

...and today 10m conditions were supposed to be "poor" - VK3, TJ3, FR1 and lots of USA stations - yes "poor" conditions! Wonder what "good" 10m conditions look like?

PA0O (440km) is being spotted again. Still unsure of propagation mode.

UPDATE 1745z: OH5XO (1943km) is coming through now, probably Es?

UPDATE 1900z: 10m is open to Spain. I assume this is Es? The opening seems to be confined to Spain only.   If this was F2 backscatter, I'd have expected a more widespread opening, but I am no expert.

UPDATE  2116z:  EA7IHT (1643km) was still spotting me at 2112z.

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