25 Sep 2014

Worldwide 136/137kHz grabbers + a simple 2200m RX (kit or ready built)

This link to a very useful list of 2200m grabbers worldwide was found on the website of Yuki JA5FP.   If you are interested in 136/137kHz this list of grabbers may be very useful.  A grabber is a receiver that uploads what it receives to the internet, usually as a spectrograph.

For how to make your own grabber, see how I did it. My grabber is usually only active when I do experiments. See https://sites.google.com/site/sub9khz/vlf-grabbers/vlf-grabber-creation . I used a public folder in Dropbox and pointed my grabber website to this location. In my case I was monitoring 8.97kHz VLF,  or thereabouts, but the same idea will work at any frequency. I used Spectrum Lab or Spectran software to do the actual "grabbing". Other methods are equally valid.

Also on Yuri's site are details of his 136/137kHz receiver. See http://icas.to/lineup/idc-136ii-kit-eng.htm .  This simple, but very effective, receiver uses a divided down HF crystal to give a very stable LO frequency of 130kHz. The output feeds a PC using Spectrum Lab or Spectran software. The receiver is available as a kit or ready built. Ready built the cost (with enclosure and shipped to Europe) is currently $110.  I have no idea if duty is payable.  Kits (less enclosure) is $75 shipped to Europe.

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