8 Oct 2014

100mW from RA3APW on 10m WSPR

Yet again, my old work colleague Karen RA3APW in Moscow is putting an excellent signal into the UK on 10m WSPR using a genuine 100mW from his Ultimate 3 beacon. It really is very impressive. Last time we spoke he was using a small 10m antenna in the shack as well! Not sure if the same antenna is being used.

UPDATE 1345z:  So far, 11 spots of RA3APW's 100mW beacon on 10m WSPR.


Karen Tadevosyan said...

Hi Roger,
thank you for the news. I am still using the same 10m antenna MFJ-1610 installed near my window at air conditioner. What about 2m WSPR between Cambridge and Moscow?
vy 73 de Karen, ra3apw

Roger G3XBM said...

2m WSPR is a problem because of frequency stability. I have waited a DAY to get a single spot exchanged with a station 134km away! Cambridge- Moscow would be remarkable on 2m and certainly beyond my capability here (3 el and 5W max on 2m). You might (only might) reach some of the active 2m WSPR stations in Germany, but this would be unlikely without (a)high power, (b) large antenna gain, (c) excellent frequency stability and accuracy. At present I am on 6m 30dBm vertical.

Karen Tadevosyan said...

I don't see any problem now with frequency stability. Few years ago I build GPSDO by G3RUH (thanks him again) and it works perfect even for 10 GHz EME. The other way - to use uBlox GPS with frequency output for new GPSDO solution. I am working on it with external OCXO - look at the first stage http://www.ra3apw.ru/proekty/ublox-neo-7m/ and https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/u-blox_neo-6-7

vy 73 de Karen, ra3apw