9 Oct 2014

6m WSPR today so far - a non-event?

Well, I am trying! Despite the low level, apparently, of activity on 6m WSPR, I have been active most of the day on RX and TX. So far - it is now 1510z - I have spotted and been spotted by precisely nobody at all! No locals, no GDX, no surprise Europeans, nothing at all. I have checked and double checked that all is working and antennas are connected. All are. Today was just a bad day with nothing, so far at least, to show for my efforts. I even advertised my presence twice on the "chat" facility on WSPRnet. A station on the south coast of the UK said he was also trying 6m. I'll keep trying for a few more hours. Things just might change.

Even on 472kHz last night I was frequently getting 4 reports a call with just 5mW ERP. On 6m I am using an ERP of around 1W (30dBm) but it is doing me no good it seems!

There are just 16 spots for 6m in the worldwide WSPRnet database today. Not the best of days clearly!

UPDATE 1615z:  Just looked at the 10m database on WSPRnet. Although there is some transatlantic activity, it is not exactly great. Looks like today has been quite poor generally.

UPDATE 1922z:  Still no reports in/out on 6m.Will be QSYing to 472kHz WSPR shortly.

UPDATE 1924z:   Well, that was a waste of time on 6m today. Not a single report given or received all day on 6m, and others seemed to be having a bad time too. QSYing now to 472kHz WSPR.

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