10 Oct 2014

Driving again after 13 months

For 13 months I have not been allowed to drive because of my brain bleed. I have had to rely on my wife totally.

Today, I drove to and from the local garden centres at Fordham. This is a round trip of nearly 10 miles. Both the neurosurgeon and my doctor said "yes" and DVLA agreed I could drive again. I informed the insurer too just in case.  I would probably not want to drive too far for a while, but at least I can drive again locally. This is a major step for me. Just a little more independence.

With luck, I hope to be able to resume some amateur radio field experiments quite soon. I am still wobbly on my feet though. It would be good to try some earth-mode tests from this QTH.


VA3CME said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend!

Roger G3XBM said...

On the mend, but still a way to go. Get very giddy when walking and still tire easily. Thankfully I seem OK when in the car.