21 Oct 2014

Genesis Q5 1W QRP kit from Australia

A trawl of the internet earlier found this kit, a 1W QRP transmitter for any band from 3.5MHz to 14MHz. It is available for S19.95 (US Dollars) + S9 (US Dollars) shipped anywhere worldwide. That seems pretty good value. Also on the website are SDR transceivers.

I last showed this particular kit on my blog 5 years ago.

See http://www.genesisradio.com.au/Q5/ for more details including how to order the various kits. Details on the page include parts lists, schematics and building details.

The are some pretty good SDR transceivers on this site.


Anonymous said...

The ordering page doesn't show this kit being available, so maybe it's not being produced any more.


Anonymous said...

Where have all the previous comments gone? Censorship is surely not in the spirit of Amateur Radio?

Roger G3XBM said...

The original poster must have deleted them. I can assure you that I did NOT delete them!