25 Oct 2014

Glutton for punishment? 6m WSPR again

I must have a masochistic streak in me! After seeing that I could exchange spots with Australia on 10m WSPR, I have again moved up to 6m WSPR. Yesterdays 6m trip resulted in absolutely no spots either given or received.

As there are a few more people on 6m than yesterday I am hopeful of some GDX and there is a (remote) chance of some F2 or TEP.  Sunspot count is good today, so I guess today will be one of the better chances for the latter, if very unlikely this far north. Yet again I see there has been TEP between VK and JA on 6m.

If I spot just one GDX station on 6m then the outing on the band will have been worth it. I am running 30dBm ERP from a vertical.  In the summer I could exchange spots by tropo/plane reflection out to around 200km on 6m with this set-up.

UPDATE 1520z:  As yet, still very quiet here on 6m WSPR. No stations received here, not even wispy Doppler shifted, non-decoding, signals. I shall stick around for at least a few more hours - ever hopeful.

UPDATE 1634z:   Still absolutely nothing spotted and no-one spotting me on 6m, for the second day. This is very disappointing , although not unexpected.

UPDATE 1705z:  Still drawing a total blank on 6m. Another hour and I'll switch to 472kHz.

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