25 Oct 2014

Julian G4ILO has died, sadly

From Julian's blog:
Julian died yesterday on 24 October in the presence of his wife Olga and two Hospice nurses at home at 19-45 peacefully and painlessly. He will be always loved and always remembered.
See  http://onefootingrave.blogspot.co.uk/ .

We all knew this was likely but it saddens me greatly to report this here.

RIP Julian - you brightened our lives and we will all miss you. Olga, our sympathies to you in your great loss. Julian inspired a great many people. He will be remembered for a long time.

I have no details of memorials (flowers, donations, etc.) or funeral arrangements.


Gordon918 said...

Sad news indeed. Even though I only read his blog posts, I felt like I did indeed know him and was hoping he could keep his tumor at bay indefinitely and keep on playing with radio.

Roger G3XBM said...

Me too Gordon -we all hoped he would go on and on, but it was not to be. A sad loss in our community. We'll miss him.

Paul Stam said...

It's a loss for very one who knew him, a remarkable man. I will remember him. Paul PC4T

Roger G3XBM said...

I knew him only via his blogs, but feel like I have lost a close friend. Such a sad loss.

Anonymous said...


Returning to radio after 25 years, I found Julian's site and it was very helpful indeed.

Best 73 OM.

Kawayuppie said...

It was Julian's website site that helped me get back into Amateur radio 6 years ago. He showed me how to operate from a small house and stealthily. He will allows be in my thoughts. My condolences to Olga and his family and friends.

vy 73

André, M0JEK