16 Oct 2014

Now trying 80m WSPR since 1812z

After the successes on 160m WSPR last night, this evening I am having a go with the "strapped feeders" antenna on 80m WSPR. The first 2W (from FT817) burst resulted in 5 reports across the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands. Reports are generally good. My first receive burst netted 3 stations.

UPDATE 1900z:  A decent selection of Western Europeans spotting me and being spotted.
80m unique WSPR spots this early evening
UPDATE 2135z:  Best DX on 80m WSPR so far this evening is OH8GKP (1994km).

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Paul Stam said...

Hi Roger, I spotted your 1 W signal last night on 80 meter. -29dB I use my end fed wire (11 meters long) also for 80m and 160m. Tuner MFJ 925. And it works. 73 Paul PC4T