9 Oct 2014

Ploughing a lonely furrow on 6m WSPR

There are very few active stations on 6m WSPR, but I am giving it a try!  The best I can hope for are some locals, some GDX, and just maybe a fleeting bit of Es into somewhere in Europe. The latter is a low chance I think but not zero. I shall probably stick around on 6m until after teatime. In the Far East there has been 6m TEP JA-VK but the UK is a bit too far north.

On 6m I am using a vertical with about 30dBm ERP. This is usually OK for GDX out to about 200km off planes.


Anonymous said...

Well it's quite quiet on all bands today. Overnight there was a MF surprise, PA3ABK/2's 500mW was picked up by WD2XSH/17 near Boston at 01.02 .

LF in Europe was mainly everyone waiting for someone to transmit. Perhaps they were living in hope of a wee signal from the frozen east where there was some real Dx on 1 Watt or a little signal across the Atlantic?

I've been crunching a few numbers, If you copy database records onto the clipboard you can then put them into your own spreadsheet, pick out what you want then convert it into a chart.

My first subject was Eddie's ( G3ZJO) much improved MF signal.
I had about 90 spots in total, there was a early group of signals that averaged -25dB then a recent group of 3/4/5/6 dB signals that averaged to show an overall improvement of +20 dB.

I then tried looking at IK7PDX, I had a few day's data so it was possible to line up same time spots on different days however no clear good time emerged. Will perhaps need far more data depth.

There is so much data available- from many different stations there is a Gold Mine waiting to be dug out.

I used Libre Office's spreadsheet- part of a very excellent suite that is a totaly free download. So perhaps that is yet another aspect of Amateur Radio- Propagation Mining!


Roger G3XBM said...

PA3ABK/2 puts out a very potent MF signal.

As the number of reports of my 5mW ERP is small I chose to do my evaluation manually.

David (G0LRD) said...

Roger (& Alan),
You should try this web site:

It takes a while to figure out how to navigate it, but it's an excellent piece of data-extraction work.

Roger - try this one: http://mardie4.100webspace.net/2_way_wspr_reports/G3XBM-JO02.html

I think the data is updated weekly.

David G0LRD