11 Oct 2014

WSPR-X woes again

With exactly the correct settings, my WSPR-X running on a Win 7 machine refused to upload spots to the WSPRnet.org database today. When I realised it was not working I did 2 things: (a) I closed the program and restarted it, and (b) reset the PC clock to internet time.

Since doing these things, my "lost" spots successfully uploaded to the database. I have no idea why WSPR-X seems to be so temperamental.Otherwise I like it, especially the realtime,scrolling waterfall and support for WSPR-15, although I have only tried this slower mode once, on LF. Stability needs to be pretty good (over a 15 minute period) for WSPR15.


LA4ANA said...

Hi Roger,
I like WSPR-15 too. It gives an additional 10 dB SNR compared to WSPR-2. On LF, this is often the only way to be heard with ERP power levels in the milliWatt range. On the downside, one usually has to cut back the output power of the PA in order to manage the heat during the 15 minute transmission period. And that eats ups some of the potential gain over WSPR-2.
Lately, I have also experimented succesfully with Opera32. Although not as sensitive as WSPR-15, it provided me with several spots at more 1000 km distance with only 10 mW ERP on 136 kHz.
73 de Robert LA4ANA

Roger G3XBM said...

Excellent work Robert!

woyse said...

I just heard back from Larry, w7iuv, the following: "According to Joe Taylor, WSPR-X was an experiment that has been abandoned. It is broke and will not be fixed."

Larry goes on to say, "Your best option is to use the beta WSPR 4.0 release:

http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/WSPR4.00r4171.exe "

Now back to wspr for me.

Neil, w0yse, wg2xsv