11 Dec 2014

10m successes

Whilst I struggle to get any activity on the 6m band, 10m WSPR continues to give very good results even with 500mW to a very average low, end-fed wire antenna. These are the unique spots so far today. 4 continents I think. 500mW seems plenty.
10m unique WSPR spots with 500mW today so far.
Think I have mentioned why I enjoy WSPR: currently my voice is poor because of my brain bleed last year. With WSPR, I do not have to use my voice, yet with QRP I can see how propagation is behaving on a given band. Recently,the tiny WSPR-AXE-CW unit has freed up the FT817 and PC so that I can now WSPR on 2 bands at the same time: thre WSPR-AXE-CW runs 500mW continuously on 10m, and I can choose the other band to run on the FT817 and PC. On these I can TX for about 20% and receive for about 80% of the time. All the time I can monitor things on other devices around the house e.g. in the lounge or even in bed. If things need adjusting, I can be in the shack within seconds. This sometimes happens when Windows does an update and the PC needs to be restarted.

UPDATE 1802z:   It is still too early to tell who was the last stateside station to copy my 500mW on 10m. At the moment W3CSW (5886km) is the last at 1744z.

UPDATE 1850z:   W3CSW at 1744z was still the last USA station to spot me. G4IKZ must have a high local noise level or has his beam in just the wrong direction for me as he is spotting me weakly.

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