18 Dec 2014

10m - 500mW WSPR beacon spotted by ZS6A and 4L1QX

Best DX this afternoon with the 500mW WSPR beacon is ZS6A (9195km) at 1540z. My report was -22dB S/N, suggesting 100mW may have been enough. There are lot of USA stations spotting me but none from South America so far.

UPDATE 1735z:  Was spotted early this afternoon in Batumi, Georgia (on the Black Sea coast) by 4L1QX (3299km). No great distance, but my first spot from Georgia I think.

UPDATE 1742z:  The last transatlantic (USA/Canada) WSPR spot of my 500mW beacon was nearly an hour ago by KD6RF (7547km). This looks like being the last stateside spot today at 1656z. As he was an hour after the other last spot, this may not be the very latest. I shall have to wait and see.

UPDATE 1820z:  Still lots of USA spots coming through. The evening is young yet.

UPDATE 2220z:   As the band has now closed for DX, I have gone QRT on 10m WSPR. My PC (used for 472kHz WSPR with the FT817) decided to close WSPR4 around 1610z and I have just restarted it. I am now getting and giving WSPR spots on MF again.

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