3 Dec 2014

27 unique WSPR spots so far today on 10m with 500mW

So far today (it is 1530z as I write this) 27 different stations have reported my 500mW on 10m WSPR. Most are stateside stations in the USA and Canada. This has been the pattern for weeks and weeks now.

Every day, the 10m band opens across the Atlantic around lunchtime and usually closes to the USA and Canada just after teatime. 10m is a wonderful band to be enjoyed by all at its best.  It is still fun at other parts of the cycle too, but FAR more quiet.
10m WSPR unique reports of my 500mW so far today.
UPDATE 1600z:   Best DX is now N6RY (8756km) just south of Los Angeles on the west coast of the USA.

UPDATE 1930z:  32 unique 10m WSPR spots received in the last 12 hours with 500mW - not a bad day, but no "super" DX spots today.

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