20 Dec 2014


I have been on 472kHz WSPR most of the day using 5mW ERP to the earth-electrode "antenna" both on RX and TX.

On RX DK7FC (669km) continues to put out his very strong signal.  It is no wonder he is regularly copied in the USA.

On TX I am still being copied by G0LRD (25km) and G8LCO (58km).

G3YMN (112km) is a new reporter in the last 24 hours. Thank you for your spots.

UPDATE 2148z:  A new reporter, and new country, copying my 5mW ERP from the earth-electrode "antenna" this evening - Finbar, EI0CF (602km), using his Perseus RX and 120m long Beverage antenna. Report was -27dB S/N at 2218z.

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