8 Dec 2014

Back on 10m with WSPR-AXE-CW beacon

Every WSPR-AXE-CW transmission with 500mW WSPR on 10m (I resumed with this beacon today) seems to result in 7-9 reports (spots on WSPRnet)  during most 2 minute slots, and the vast majority are from the USA. This little "all in one" beacon by Jay W5OLF (single tiny board and no PC needed) really does work well. Once sync'd to internet time or other good reference on an even minute, it holds time stability for ages. Frequency is randomly moved within 100Hz every 2 minutes to minimise interference.

UPDATE 1738z:  KU4QI (6406km) is currently the last USA station to spot me at 1628z, which is quite early, but it is now over an hour since the last spot was received.

UPDATE 1912z:  I checked the WSPR-AXE-CW DT by listening on the FT817. I set the clock to internet time around 1500z.  Setting by hand (pressing the push button) it is easy to be 0.3 secs or so out at the start.  After about 3 hours it was -1.0 sec, which is still quite good. No further transatlantic DX seen and currently no locals yet monitoring. I hope G4IKZ comes on RX soon.  Even with no antenna on the FT817 RX and the attenuator in circuit, the WSPR-AXE-CW is 13 to 15dB S/N i.e. very strong. The WSPR-AXE-CW beacon uses a 2N7000 FET class E PA and is not even warm with a good 50 ohm load.

UPDATE 2140z:  G4IKZ is on 10m RX and is copying G0LRD's 50mW but not copying me. OK I am about twice as far away and my antenna is not as good at G0LRD's. I reset my WSPR-AXE-CW clock and the DT is only 0.2 secs out. I also reset the power. I can copy myself on an FT817 without antenna and it is fine. Maybe G4IKZ's antenna is directional (I think he uses a Moxon beam). I don't think the problem is at my end.

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