4 Dec 2014

Last transatlantic spot of my 500mW on 10m WSPR?

WG2Z (5600km) was spotting me well at 1842z but no-one else from the other side of the Atlantic has since then. Only time will tell if this was the last one tonight. I shall stay on 10m WSPR for a few more hours yet.

G0LRD (25km) running 50mW s now the only station being copied currently.

UPDATE 2004z:  WG2Z at 1842z does appear to be the last USA station spotting me today. The last USA station that I copied was also WG2Z in the immediately preceding time slot. The 10dB difference in power seems to make no difference: once the path closes, that is the end of it.

UPDATE 2042z:  Still just G0LRD (25km) running 50mW being copied now on 10m WSPR. I shall probably go QRT at around 2100.

UPDATE 2155z:  Now QRT until after breakfast time tomorrow.

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