15 Dec 2014

QRSS and WSPR frequencies

Being a keen WSPR user, I have not used QRSS on HF, although I have done on MF, LF and VLF.  A useful page about QRSS is here.  QRSS requires manual intervention to interpret the signals whereas WSPR using WSPRnet is automatic. This is one of the reasons why WSPR gets used here a lot.


G0FTD said...

Good to see QRSS mentioned, it's my favourite mode.

I've built a few of G0UPL's kits and they provide so much fun.

QRSS monitoring reveals some interesting stuff sometimes, and I've compiled
some stuff that might be of interest here:


73 de Andy G0FTD

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Andy. Must try HF QRSS sometime.