28 Dec 2014

Return to 6m and 10m WSPR

I am determined to catch some wintertime 6m activity! At about 0810z both the 10m 500mW beacon and the 6m FT817 based (30dBm ERP vertical) were turned on. Spots on 10m but quiet so far on 6m.

UPDATE 1520z:   On 10m, my 500mW WSPR has been spotted in Australia, South Africa and the USA so far today.   On 6m, my 1W ERP has been copied by G6AVK (78km). I have also spotted him on 6m WSPR. No great DX on 6m but my first 6m WSPR spots for some time.

UPDATE 1742z:  No 6m WSPR spots since 1330z. Only G6AVK spotted.

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