5 Dec 2014

ZL on 10m WSPR today

ZL2IT (18569km) running 5W was spotted here on 10m WSPR this morning at 0946z, not long after turning the rig on.  He was not strong at -25dB S/N.  As yet, no reports of my 500mW from Australia or New Zealand today.

Just Europeans spotting me so far this morning. Distances seem to suggest F-layer propagation, although I am unsure about some of the closer stations e.g. Italy which could be back-scatter or even Es. Every day now my 500mW is copied right across Europe.

UPDATE 1105z:   Just spotted LX and DL on 10m WSPR. This far too short for F2 propagation. I suspect this is Es as there are now lots of closer EU stations being copied. No Doppler evident on these signals.

UPDATE 2200z:  The day ended with reports of my 500mW WSPR from no further than the USA. In 2 years time I'd be thrilled to bits with this! Today, the USA and Canada are easy even with 500mW.

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